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Trending and Viral Videos 

With the introduction of VIRAL CHOP trending video website, we present the the Trending category with latest videos and we have also redesigned the sidebar to show the most popular videos within that category. The non obtrusive menubar above the videos has recently been with a user friendly share videos menubar. We try to pick the trending topics that are family friendly and will add value to your viewing experience.

Stream Free Music Videos

Viral music videos are prevailed as one of the most viewed video categories on Youtube. In the early days, MTV generation’s made a big impact on the music industry and now YouTube has exploded with popular music videos that are making a not so surprising comeback! In this day and age videos for major pop hits can rack up millions and even into the billion views, and popular recording artists with official VEVO accounts have some of the largest subscription followings on YouTube. Now with so many new music videos appearing each week, VIRAL CHOP brings you the best of the best with the highest ratings and view count.

Watch Funny Viral Videos Online

The Funny Viral Video category is here if you’re having a bad day or just want to have a good laugh. In this modern era where mobile phones and the internet are taking over everyday life, people are taking every opportunity to record events that will be entertaining in a comedically and humanistic fashion. Many people are sharing funny videos on social media which can easily go viral and bring in millions of views.

Free Trending Gaming Videos

Research shows that video games can be put to therapeutic and educational uses, as well as many studies revealing how playing video games can improve reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination. As AI and robotics take over the human resources sector, many people will be earning an income online. Some over the top gamers are already earning millions playing video games. VIRAL CHOP has a collection of the best Gaming Videos with the high ratings and viewcounts.

Stream Free Cryptocurrency Videos

Over the past few months, VIRAL CHOP has brought you a lot of videos trying to educate the world with the new  trending addition of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but there’s still a ton left to cover. You could probably spend the rest of the year watching videos and learning about cryptocurrency and still have more questions that need to be answered. A large portion of the tech industry has moved toward this exciting new technology and while cryptocurrency will be a game changer, it will hopefully revolutionise the financial industry and make a new system of decentralisation an important part of our society.

User Submitted Videos

If you’re making videos for youtube Facebook and other video hosting platforms, you will love our new user submission feature.

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FIT LIFE VIDEOS Health and Fitness Website

FIT LIFE VIDEOS brings you the latest gym health and fitness YouTube Vimeo and Facebook videos that are viral and trending all across the internet. We have seven categories that consist of Healthy Food Videos, Gym Videos, Flexibility Yoga and Pilates Videos, Muscular Videos, Cardio Videos, Body Fat Videos and user submitted health and fitness related videos. You can also follow our social networks to receive new updates and healthy lifestyle videos that are going viral and receiving to most views on the internet.

Stream Healthy Food Videos Online

If you’re wondering what tasty new recipes will be flooding gyms and fitness junkies in 2018, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have compiled the most relevant collection of healthy food videos for you to watch at your leisure. As each new year approaches, everyone is looking for healthier options or maybe you want to lose some holiday weight or just adopt healthier lifestyle habits heading into the new year. It is always a good idea to take a look at what your eating daily and make some healthy changes to your diet.

Watch Gym Videos Online

FIT LIFE has the ultimate gym video guides to help you choose the right gym workouts that match your fitness goals. There are a lot of gym videos out there, but knowing which is the best gym to choose can be hard. We have collected all the best health and tines videos, so you don’t have to search around for each topic. No matter what kind of fitness your into, we are always looking for new ways to lose and gain weight and keep active. We also have the best collection of gym music videos to keep you entertained while you workout.

Stream Flexibility Yoga and Pilates Videos

Yoga develops strength and flexibility, while relaxing your nerves and calming your mind. Yoga can improve your muscles, joints and skin and even your whole body including your glands and nerves, your internal organs and bones, the respiratory system and the brain. Pilates can be a superior form of exercise. It requires a great deal of concentration and focus. Pilates strengthens and stretches all of the major muscles in the body in a balanced and spiritual way. FIT LIFE brings you a motivational collection of videos to keep you feeling better every day, week and year.

Cardio Workout Online Videos

Cardio training involves all forms of exercise that increases your heart rate in order to improve the body’s ability to use and intake oxygen. Whether you are looking to tone your body with a more intense workout or you are looking to lose some weight, cardio workouts will make you feel healthy, accomplished and fit.

Free Body Fat Videos

Measuring body fat can give you an accurate picture of your fitness and health, more so than just your weight. While there is much debate as to what makes a healthy body fat range, FIT LIFE has compiled a great source of body fat videos from all across the globe to help you learn and workout with fitness experts.

Watch Muscle Training Building Videos

While it’s easy to relate strength to bigger muscles, you may not realise that strong muscles also help your body develop stronger bones, which is vital to help maintain the structural strength of your body. If you want to build bigger biceps or get a six-pack, muscular training is the essential component to make it happen.

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TRAVEL BUZZ Videos is an exciting collection of the latest and most informative Travel Vlogs and Videos that are trending on the net and popular within the travelling community.

Free Travel Tips

A collection of Vlogs and Travel Tips Techniques and Tricks to help you be a smart traveller. A successful travel day often requires researching the culture environment and local knowledge. If you’re going to get to where you want to go safely, sound and ready for the adventure, there are some very smart things to do along the way to improve the chances of that happening.

Watch Travel Guide Videos Online

Watch Informative Travel Guide Videos before taking your next trip to a new holiday location. Some travelers, perhaps you are the type of traveller who  takes a guided tour. Or instead rely on books, wits, or friends and local contacts, who point you to the underground locations and unique sites that are believed to behold a real story in every adventure.

Free Travel Resources Information + Websites

Do you Want to travel the world on a budget? This category will attempt to teach you the best backpacking tips, tricks and hacks to travel the world for short-term holidays and long-term adventures. Learn and find online and offline Travel Resources to make your next trip overseas safe and cheap.

Travel Overseas and Holiday Destination Videos

Plan your next holiday or adventure with our collection of Travel Destination Videos. Travellers today are more willing and able to explore the holiday and adventure destinations th world has to offer. It’s exciting to be confronted with so much possibility and Travel Buzz has an up to date collection of the most popular and exotic travel locations. We take a look at the places are now at the forefront of the global conversation, whether your looking for new hotels and museums or international events. Each and every year, the cities and countries we find and recommend the best places to travel in the world. We think about those travel destinations that are the favourites and determine which ones are reinventing the travel wheel, ensuring there’s always something exciting and new to explore.

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You can also submit and promote your YouTube Vimeo Facebook Vine Twitch Dailymotion Metacafe TED VK Blip Google Drive Funny or Die CollegeHumor MPORA Livestream Yahoo Screen Wistia Youku Tudou SAPO Rutube Travel Vlogs and Travel Related Videos with our user submission form to receive more views and exposure on the internet. The travel vlog video you submit will automatically be converted to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for super fast loading on social networks and web browsers.

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SPORT REPORT VIDEOS is a motivating and inspiring collection of the latest sports news videos from across the globe. SRV finds the most relevant and popular videos and wraps them up into one convenient video website.

Stream Pro Football Videos

Association football is by far the the most popular sport in the world with an estimated 4 billion fans. That is more than half of the world’s population and every country has football teams and fans. The biggest competitions in Professional Football are the Champions League and UEFA in Europe.

Stream Free Cricket Videos Online

Cricket has an estimated 2.5 billion global fan following and its primary base of influence comes from the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries.  Cricket is most popular in the British colonies such as India Sri-Lanka Bangladesh Pakistan South America, South East Asia and Australia.

Watch Free Field Hockey Videos

Field hockey has a global following of around 2 billion sports fans and sees its primary influence in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Field Hockey is most similar to soccer and it is widely played in India, Malaysia, Australia, China and Pakistan which are some of the most populated regions on earth , So it’s no surprise that the game is the third most popular sport in the world.

Stream Free Tennis Videos Online

Professional Tennis has a global following of 1 billion sports fans spread across people of all walks of life. Tennis popularity is greater than some of the team sports, especially the four grand slams. Tennis has also achieved gender equality and both male and female competitions are receiving equal funding.

Free Online Volleyball Videos

Volleyball has an estimated global following of 900 million fans and is played with a combination of basketball, tennis, handball and baseball’s elements. Volleyball is most liked in developing countries including Poland, Brazil, Kenya,Japan, China, Turkey and France. Volleyball is said to be the fifth most popular sport in the whole world.

Watch Table Tennis Videos

Table Tennis has a huge global following of around 875 million fans worldwide. Table Tennis or Ping pong is a popular sport in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Sweden, and of course China.

Stream Free Basketball Videos Online 

Basketball has an estimated 825 million fans worldwide and is popular in almost every country. Basketball is equal with American Football when it comes to popularity and rankings in the USA.

Watch Pro Baseball Videos Online

Baseball has around 500 million followers worldwide and it is the most popular sport in the United States. Base it is one of the most enjoyable sports to play. America and Japan are recorded to have the biggest leagues of baseball in the whole world.

Watch Free Rugby Videos

Rugby has an estimated global following of 475 Million people and is popular in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Stream Pro Golf Videos

Golf has a global following of 450 Million sport fans and is the most popular in Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. Golf is one of the largest professional sport industries in developed nations like the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Korea. Golf is also the highest revenue generator when it comes to sports.

Watch NFL Videos Online

National Football League has a following of over four hundred million international fans. NFL is most popular in the American region than any other region on the globe. In a single year, NFL can generate approximately ten billion US dollars in revenue.

Stream Free NHL Videos 

National Hockey League is near the top for popularity and entertainment potential in North America. The NHL is the only sport league that still allows fighting the game it also offers intense speed, big hits and good natural skills that attract millions of fans to watch professional hockey.

Watch Free Surfing Videos Online

Surfing is growing more popular as a sport than ever before, especially in places like Hawaii California Indonesia Brazil France and Australia. Surfers have become a mainstream appeal on a global scale, and the surfing industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and popularity.

Stream Kite Surfing Online

Kiteboarding has been growing in popularity, although it is still a relatively new sport there is potentially a big future for the industry.

Watch Wake Boarding Videos Online

Wakeboarding is becoming a popular sport with new high tech cables systems that can replace conditions in other water sports like waves or wind.

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