Website Usability – SEO

What is website usability?

To answer this question we need to look at a whole range of other website design questions including; Does a website load fast enough to keep users on the site? Will a website respond correctly on different devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop computers? Are the website users engaging with the content? If the answer to all these questions is yes then its safe to say that a website is producing a high quality website usability.

How to create high quality website usability?

Website loading speed is another ranking metric that is becoming more important as the internet grows in popularity. Website users and search engines expect that a webpage will load in a reasonable amount of time. A high percentage of website traffic may simply return to the search results and visit a competitors site that loads faster. If a webpage loads in under 3 seconds this is a sign of high quality website usability.
Mobile, tablet and desktop usability is also an important part of the SEO recipe for success. Creating a site that deserves to be on the first page of Google and other top search engines will certainly need to respond correctly no matter the device type that it’s viewed on. To ensure that a website displays and delivers content efficiently on all devices it should be tested on the various devices. Any issues that need to be addressed should be fixed and then re-tested to ensure that the website usability provides high quality user experience.
Engagement metrics can be measured by search engines to gauge the quality of a websites content. High quality website usability can be reflected in the search results by measurable factors including; How many shares a webpage has. The length of time spent on a webpage and the amount of pages a user clicks through on a website. The engagement factors are a reflection of website usability and performance that will ultimately be reflected in a websites search engine ranking.

Usability impact on search positions

This is another case of indirectly affecting search placement factors. By creating user friendly content that load and display fast while responding correctly on various device types, a site will have a better chance of receiving a higher search grading. There are many important factors that search engines use to test for performance and relevance within a site to decide where it should be placed in the search results. Website usability can be seen as a combination of some of the most important factors that each deserve attention to succeed.