Webpage Count – SEO

What is the number of website pages?

This is simply the amount of pages created to display a websites content. A standard local business website may often compose of 4 webpages. This may include a home page, about page, gallery page and a contact page. Having a low amount of pages will not hurt a websites SEO and search position. Though having a larger amount of webpages can increase a websites traffic performances. There is a right way and a wrong way to achieve this and most important factor to understand here is that creating more webpages that enhance the user experience is the right way. Creating more webpages to primarily broaden the array of keyword queries in the search engine index is the wrong way.

How to improve website find ability by adding more pages?

It really make a lot of sense to create individual pages for different content rather than have lots of content on one page. In the example of WEB SWIFT SEO Design category there are eight sub categories. Responsive web design, architecture and hierarchy, website categories, website usability, number of pages, HTML validation, broken links and site maps. Each sub category is on its own individual webpage. This can improve the find-ability as each individual page has its own page title, meta data, URL, images and content. This can really make a positive impact for increasing website traffic by improving the individual page visibility, find ability and status in search.

SEO impact of more website pages

Having a larger number of pages can increase website traffic by broadening the array of content topics that are individually displayed in the search results. If a website offers the same service in multiple locations it’s ok to make individual webpages so long as there is a noticeable difference in the content between the pages. This might include different services provided in different locations or different map direction to a business. So long as the added webpages benefit the user and are not created intentionally to gain more traffic from the search engines, this SEO technique will certainly increase online traffic.


Some websites have created hundreds and thousands and even millions of webpages with the intention of gaining more traffic. This is probably the main reason top search engines have taken a stance against duplicate content. There is a balancing point between creating more pages to enhance the user experience and to broaden the array of keyword search queries within the search results. So long as webpages are created to enhance the user experience the search engines should index and rank them. The larger the number of pages essentially means the more chances a website will have to rank for different keywords. This can also mean that there are more webpages to link to, which can certainly improve SEO scores and search engine placements. Carefully planning the structure of a site and utilising these kind of SEO techniques is big part of creating a site that performs successfully within search.