User Friendly Content – SEO Tips Tutorials Tools and Techniques

What is user friendly content?

User friendly content is essentially a webpage that satisfies the users experience of that page. There are many different elements discussed on WEB SWIFT SEO that explain how to make a professional website. Many of the different web design and SEO elements can contribute towards making a webpage user friendly. Some important design factors include; Displaying correctly on the various device types. Along with maintaining a fast loading page speed. A webpage should be share friendly with the correct Metadata Tags in place and contain appropriate images sizes. The content wording should read well and be easy to understand. It should also have clear and informative optimised images.

How to create user friendly content

To make content user friendly lets put it into two categories that include website design and content.
Design elements that can be improved to make a websites pages user friendly include; responsive web design which simply means a webpage will respond to the screen size and environment of the device that it’s viewed on. Alternately dedicated website versions will need to be optimised to ensure that a webpage displays well on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Page loading speed is another important performance element that will ensure a website user is satisfied with the websites experience. Fast loading websites can be attributed to high traffic performances, impressive traffic to sale conversions and also with high website placements within the top search results.

Content that is considered user friendly should contain correct grammar and spelling. User friendly content should also be easy to read and understand. This can be achieved by using short easy words and creating short sentences. Page information hierarchy is also important to help the user identify the information they are searching for. Optimising images can also play an important role to ensure that the user is happy with a webpage. This may include adjusting image size and quality for different devices. Image captions and alternative text tags can also help to improve content for the site users.

How does user friendly content affect SEO

As there are more than two hundred ranking signals that the top search engines can use to find relevance within the content and to measure the quality and performance of a webpage. User friendly content can be considered as a combination of some of the most important signals. To reach a high search visibility and increase site traffic a web developer should optimise a site and its content to a level that essentially tell the search engines that it is professionally made and the content is friendly for a user.