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What are content updates?

Updating content can simply be described as editing and or adding more information to a webpage. But there is more to content updating than just simply adding new information or new pages. This can be a skilful way to help attract online traffic to a site by creating unique content that is targeted to an intended audience. Although there are many SEO factors explained on this website that contribute to first page positions. In this chapter we will discuss techniques that can improve search engine visibility and ultimately improve the user experience along with increasing site traffic.

User experience can be positively impacted by content updates. Website users like to see fresh information and content when returning to a website. This will keep them coming back and also increase the length of time spent on a site. Returning visitors and length of time spent on a site are both positive signals that the top search engines can use to test the user satisfaction and engagement of a website.
Search engine spiders regularly crawl the internet looking for new and updated content. It’s important to place new information on a website so that the search engines crawl a site more often. They may then index new additions more frequently along with improving the placement in search for a website and it’s existing pages.

How to properly implement content updates

Think like the website user. Try to imagine how the site should look and function from a users point of view. This is one of the most important aspects to begin with. Focus on content that adds value to the users experience. This might include adding functions and features that provide a unique experience that users can only find on your website. Unique and original wording and images will also improve the user experience along with affecting how the search engines grade a webpage. Correct grammar and spelling and content length are also important when making content updates. Avoid duplicating content is also an important factor that search engines are increasingly paying attention to. Using high quality multimedia is a great way to satisfy the user experience and improve the find-ability within the search results. All of the content updating factors listed previously will contribute to improving a websites over-all search find ability and help to make sure a webpage is user friendly.

Content updating can also lead to more social shares and quality inbound links. Social signals including Google plus, Facebook and Twitter may only be small ranking signals. They still help to attract new visitors and contribute to the over-all SEO score and position within the search results. Quality inbound links will contribute significantly more than social signals as they are still a really important ranking factor that will help considerably to create a successful online presence.

Professional SEO content updates

The goal here is to research relevant keywords and then implement them into a webpages content appropriately. This can be achieved by simply considering how internet searchers may use different phrases to find the same information.


SEO, Search Engine Optimising, Search Optimisation, Website Optimisations are all individual keyword phrases that are relative to the same topic.

Google Adwords is another great website that allows you to view lists of relevant search queries (keyword phrases) using their ‘Keyword Planner Tool’. Simply create an account or sign in with an existing Gmail account. Fill in the required information to activate the account and then find the ‘Keyword planner’ in the ‘Tools’ menu at the top of the page. The Google keyword planner allows you to view keyword phrases related to a search query, website, category and by location. There are many options that can filter the results within the keyword planner tool, so it’s worth taking the time to experiment with the different options to maximise the amount of variations that relate to a particular topic, phrase or search query.

How do content updates affect SEO and improve web traffic?

There are many factors that search engines look for when testing the topic and relevance of content within a webpage. They look for the quality and uniqueness of the words along with keywords and relative synonyms. Essentially the search engines are looking for content that exactly matches a search query the user is trying to find on the internet. To make a webpage appear on the first page of Google or the other top search engines there are many other ranking signals that need to be addressed besides high quality content updates. In saying that, the quality of content is one of the most important factors that should be at the centre of successful website design.