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Top ten search optimisation tips

1. Create well written, informative and unique content with more added value than competing websites that will encourage users to share, bookmark and engage with. This is the most important SEO Tip in 2016.

2. Spend time writing compelling titles that will ultimately attract more clicks. Try to create curiosity, so that searchers will click your results to find the information they are looking for. Check out the titles of related industry websites that are already highly regarded in the search results.

3. Make sure your Metadata Tags ie meta title and meta descriptions are well written, compelling, contain relevant keywords and are the correct length. 40 to 60 for meta titles and 120 to 140 for meta descriptions. Length matters, especially considering that mobile searchers now exceed desktop within many online industries including e commerce.

4. Verify your site with Google Search Console (webmaster tools) to submit a site map and find content keywords, mobile usability, ranking data, inbound link information, duplicate content info and many other important search visibility factors.

5. Use Google page speed insights and GT Metrix to test the page loading speed and integrate there recommendations to speed up your site. A faster loading website will lower bounce rates and improve click through rates. Fast websites also contribute to converting traffic into sales and ultimately improve the user satisfaction, experience and engagement.

6. Use Google Ad-words or other keyword research tools to find related keyword quires and implement them within the content, title, captions, ALT tags and meta data to improve search engine visibility with a bigger range of relevant and related search queries .

7. Spend time interacting and building followers on popular social media sites. Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr will attract new visitors and can help strengthen page ranks. Target social users that are relevant to your niche and who are more likely to share and help to promote your webpages.

8. Check out successful highly regarded websites that are related to your niche to see how the experts do it. Creating higher quality content and a better user experience is sometimes what it takes to out rank the top sites.

9. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Use Googles mobile friendly testing tool and implement the recommendation to improve mobile friendliness.

10. Be Patient. Depending on how much competition an online industry has, it can sometimes take time to achieve a top search engine status.