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Privacy Policy (PP) and Terms Of Service (TOS) are not just important from a legal point of view. Privacy and TOS demonstrate to website users a high trust factor. It shows that a website has taken the right steps to inform the users of their policies regarding privacy and terms of use for their site. Having a PP and TOS page will give a website more volume and there may certainly be some SEO benefits in that. Adding a PP and TOS won’t guarantee that a website will be on the first page of Google but it will certainly assist all the other SEO factors to boost a website in the search results.

What is a privacy policy and terms of service?

A privacy policy should declare how personal information provided by a website users may be collected, stored and used by the website. This may include stating that personal information will not be sold or shared with other websites or businesses, but may be given to third party businesses including shipping companies and postal agents for example.

TOS is a page that outlines certain rules that a user must agree to by using that website. It can prevent any liability issues as well as help to resolve any disputes that may arise with online transactions, orders, delivery, returns and complaints. Every well constructed website should include a TOS, especially on high traffic websites where these kind of issues can be common.


Privacy and TOS are really important on any high traffic business website or any kind of site that uses personal information. It’s recommended to seek legal advice to help prevent a website running into problems in the future. If you check out the privacy policy and TOS page on any well established website that is similar to your website you will find all the legal information needed to protect a website from these kind of legalities. There is also a great benefit to providing website users with this kind of information. Privacy is becoming more important as the internet grows in popularity and having a privacy policy can really help to gain user trust.