Minify Code – SEO Impact Tutorial

What does minify codes mean?

This simply means that the file sizes are reduced by removing any blank space, comments and unused text within the code. Minifying code reduces the data size of a webpage and the amount of data transferred between server and browser. This can improve website downloading times and ultimately enhance the site user experience.

How to minify codes?

There are a whole range of online code compressors that can minify code simply by copying and pasting existing code > Compressing > copying and pasting back into website. It’s a very simple process. There are also many plugins and content management systems that can take care of minifying code automatically. Always remember to save the original code in a text file and to test that a website is functioning correctly after making any modifications.

How does minifying code improve page speed and SEO?

As with many of the SEO articles and tutorials discussed on WEB SWIFT SEO, minifying codes can assist all the other ranking signals to improve a websites search position within the results page. Search engines to the likes of Google have over 200 ranking factors and minifying website codes will certainly increase the chances of appearing on the first page. Though minifying code can sometimes only have minimal affect on website speed and page rendering. Ensuring that every user experience and ranking signal is right will ultimately make a website a lot more professional and considerably help to increase traffic performances.