Inline CSS Tutorial – SEO Impact

What is inlining the critical CSS?

Also generally known as critical path rendering, in this case it essentially means that all the important CSS attributes that are needed to load ‘above the fold’ are directly placed into the HTML and the rest is deferred. Above the fold simply means the top visible part of a website before scrolling down. Inlining the critical CSS can significantly improve website speed and SEO performance by quickly rendering (loading) the top of a web page and this will surely contribute to a satisfied site user.

How to inline the critical CSS?

Inline CSS could be seen as quite an advanced technique. In this tutorial we will discuss a method that is suited to the WordPress content management system. We are also using the Autoptimize plugin to insert the critical css into the HTML and to defer the remaining CSS.

1. Visit the Critical Path CSS Generator.
2. Enter a website URL and the CSS code then press ‘create critical cath CSS’ and wait for it to generate.
3. Copy the critical path CSS and head over to WordPress> Settings> Autoptimize.
4. In the advanced settings, scroll down to ‘Inline and Defer CSS’.
5. Paste the Critical Path CSS into the text box and then press ‘Save changes and empty cache’.
6. Test a variety of different page within the website to ensure they are functioning correctly and have improved page speed scores.

Inline critical CSS impact on SEO

Website design have become easy and common place in the modern era. There are many self hosting content management systems that are as easy as drop and drag to build a website. If a website is aimed at a competitive online marketplace, using advanced techniques to improve SEO standings and search placements is a really good idea. SEO techniques such as inline CSS can give a website a winning edge over a competitors site. It can also improve the website usability and enhance the user experience.