Image Alt Tag Tutorial- Learn SEO Tips Tools and Techniques

What are image ALT tags?

Image ALT tags are simply Alternative Language Text that work by using text to describe the image in an attribute in the HTML. They are primarily to help visually impaired people understand the subject of an image. Search engines also use image ALT tags to help give relevance to the content.

Once upon a time web-masters and search engine optimisers could use keyword meta tags in the HTML to define the words they wanted a website to rank for. Since then search engines are using more and more complex methods to find relevance for the content and grade it appropriately in the search results. Using the image ALT tag attribute to help define the content of a webpage is another up to date SEO technique that works by using relevant words to describe an image that is relevant to the over all subject matter of a website or the individual subjects of the webpages within it. For the best SEO results all images within a website should have a descriptive and relevant ALT tags along with being optimised for size, quality and faster loading speeds.

Image ALT Tag Example:

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“describe the image with three to five keywords here”>