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    FUNNY FLIX brings you the latest and most popular funny videos that are trending all across the internet globally.

    Funny Animal Videos

    Animals can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and that is why FUNNY FLIX have put together a collection of the funniest and most viral animal videos on the internet. Watch funny horses, goats, duck, monkey and of course cats and dogs and take a break from the stresses of life with the best medicine ever = Funny Animal Videos.

    Funny Cat Videos

    Funny cat videos are up there with the most popular and viral videos trending on Youtube Facebook and other mainstream social networks. There is a funny cat video on Youtube with 57 million views, racked up in less than 2 years. There is also a lot of cat owners out there who love to watch cat videos, making this one of the hottest topics for viral content.

    Funny Dog Videos

    Very similar to cats in the sense that there are a lot of dog owners who love watching funny dog videos. Dogs make great companions and best friends. If you need therapy, owning a dog could be a good alternative, then again just watching dog videos can have a similar effect without the cost. Check out FUNNY FLIX growing collection of funny Dogs and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the therapeutic effect it can have on you.

    Funny People Videos

    Watching funny people online is becoming a massive industry, with some everyday social networkers posting videos and memes that end up getting millions of views. Many avid internet users are starting to create whole businesses around people doing funny and silly things on camera, then converting it into a short video and posting it online. Then sit back and watch how viral a simple video can become, by just producing comedy and making people laugh.

    Funny Kids Videos

    Very similar to funny people, funny kids are generating millions of views as more and more young people have access to the internet and as smart phones and data plans become cheaper and more readily available. Watching funny and cute kids has a therapeutic value that anyone can enjoy and benefit from. Check out the FUNNY FLIX collection of funny kid videos and be rewarded with a youthful new appreciation for life.

    Funny Prank Videos

    Yet another category where people are starting business around thinking up and filming funny pranks, then make a quick video and post it out to the masses. We all remember Jackass, which became a worldwide phenomena. It has sparked a wave of smart people thinking of clever short skits and pranks that can generate huge amounts of revenue if the right platforms are utilised. FUNNY FLIX has a collection of the most viewed and viral prank videos that the internet has to offer.

    Funny Fail Videos

    Probably the most popular topic for funny videos besides funny cats. But funny fails are the latest trending wave to take over the comedic video space. There are literally thousands of videos being produced with copyright free videos, that are re-compiled into a new video to help build Youtube and Facebook accounts. Funny fail videos are one to watch in the humour space as people seem to like watching other people miss fortune. It probably makes them feel better about their own life.

    Funny Random Videos

    FUNNY FLIX has put together the most popular funny videos topics that are listed above. Sometimes a funny video will not fit into one of these categories so funny random videos is where you will find anything else that is funny but not suitable in one of our other categories.

    Your Funny Videos

    You can submit your funny video URLs from Youtube Facebook and many other popular video hosting websites. Your Funny Videos is the category where your video will be listed and FUNNY FLIX will be showing your video on the home page until things get out of hand.

    Submit Funny Video URLs

    Submit and promote your funny video URLs from YouTube Vimeo Facebook Vine Twitch Dailymotion Metacafe and many others video sites with our new user submission form to receive more views and exposure on the internet.

    Why submit your video URLs with our free instant approval user submission form? This can give your videos a new life and a second layer to promote. Simply fill in the form with your name, your website URL (free backlink) a Unique Video Title, Add some unique tags and your video URL and press submit. That’s it, no login or sign up and it’s completely free with no catch or future cost or changes. Unless we think of a way to improve this feature. For the an amazing result, enter a unique and descriptive video title of 5 to 10 keywords and share your video with the share buttons to gain more video views and subscribers. As a newly added option, you may also like to add video tags and a link to your website or channel to improve SEO and search queries used to find your video in search engines. Check out my Keyword Suggestion Tool 

    The video you submit will be automatically converted to a Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for super fast loading on social networks and mobile phone, tablet and desktop web browsers. Converting a video to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine results. Check out the Funny Flix amp website

    Accepted Video Websites: YouTube Vimeo Facebook Vine Twitch Dailymotion Metacafe TED VK Blip Google Drive Funny or Die College Humor MPORA Livestream Yahoo Screen Wistia Youku Tudou SAPO Rutube.

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