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    The most up to date and awesome free music submit website for song and playlist links from Spotify and Soundcloud and music videos from YouTube Vimeo and Facebook onto the Harmonic Wings music streaming and submission website. Simply copy and paste the song track link / URL into the submission form along with a few other details and let the website take care of the rest. The website will publish your music directly with all the correct open graph and audio, playlist and video structured data tags along with a play button share image and all within a few seconds after pressing the submit music button. There is no login or sign up. No cost or fees and no sneaky email collection for the purpose of trying to sell you something or add you to a mail list. Just pure speed and high user experience.

    Submit music songs, playlists and video URLs from the top music and media hosting platforms fast and free. After creating my own musician website Ylia Callan Guitar I started looking around the internet for sites that I could submit music to. I decided to create a site where you can submit songs, playlists and music videos instantly. Publishing your music directly onto Harmonic Wings with all the correct open graph and microdata tags along with a play button share image all within a few seconds after pressing the Submit Music button. Fill in the form below with the details outlined in the instructions page and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

    Why submit music song tracks, playlists and video URLs with our free music submission form? Your music submission will have all the correct open graph tags along with a play button share image to show that is an audio or music video media type. This helps to make it look amazing when shared by text message, social media or messenger apps. It will also have all the correct schema micro/structured data that search engines love and use to display in the search results for audio, playlist and video formats. Harmonic Wings uses the Google API to index your submission almost instantly. It can also give your music a new life and a second layer to promote. You can add a website URL to gain a backlink to your website or social profiles which can boost search ranking. Backlinks are still Google’s number 1 ranking factor and they are also used by many other websites and searching engines like YouTube. Giving your submission a unique and descriptive title and tags, can bring new traffic from search engines. Submitting music to Harmonic Wings is fast free and works instantly with no login or sign up and with no hidden catch or future cost. The music you submit will be automatically converted to an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for super fast loading on mobile phones, tablets and also laptop/desktop web browsers. Converting a web page to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine results and on some social networks. Check out the AMP Website.

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