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    How to create Google News Articles for publishing live on QUICK STARE social network and publishing platform.

    What are Google News Articles?

    Google News is a news article aggregator and search format presented in Google search. It combines news articles and top stories from thousands of publishers and web magazines world wide. Google News is published to a number of locations on the web, including the top stories section and news tab in the search results page. It is also available through the Google News Android and iOS Apps along with the Google Discover feeds.

    SEO Tips for News Articles

    • Article titles should contain the primary focus keywords and describe the topic, while encapsulating the reader. Well written titles are one of the most important SEO aspects and not just for Google News but all across the web.
    • Create unique and high quality articles by utilising all the information in this tutorial. Content should be well written and engage a target audience.
    • Paragraphs should contain short and to the point sentences. Break up paragraphs with headings and relevant images and videos that relate and enhance the topic of the article.
    • Headings such as h2 h3 and h4 should be used to describe the individual topics and sub topics of paragraphs and other content types such as images and videos.
    • Permalinks should be neat and contain no more than 55 characters. Try to describe the primary focus of the article while retaining the most important keywords and excluding unnecessary words. Try to make the permalink read well and convey the primary focus of the topic.
    • Articles can benefit from being relevant to trending news topics or timely current and recent events.
    • Relevant images may enhance news articles. Use the Image Inject search feature at the bottom of the article editor to search and find relevant high quality images.

    Google News Search Results Page

    Google News search results example.

    Publishing Google News Articles

    The Custom Post editor allows Quick Stare users to create custom news articles that will be automatically submitted to Google News for publishing consideration. Simply select Articles as a category, add a featured thumbnail image and follow the other guidelines outlined in this tutorial. In order to receive the best chance for publishing, you will need to create compelling, informative and well written content that is relevant to a target audience. The news article will also have to meet the standards of Google’s Content Policy and contain a high level of readability, accountability, authority and news quality.

    Creating Google News Articles on Quick Stare

    To get started publishing a news article on Quick Stare simply visit Create>+ Articles in the menu after logging in. Select Articles as the primary category and if the article contains a video then you may also add a secondary category related to the video. Add a featured thumbnail image and use the keyword suggest featured in the document settings to find relevant phrases to enhance the title, paragraphs, headings and metadata. Finally select the preview button and review the article before publishing.

    Google News SEO

    Quick Stare uses Rank Math SEO to automatically add the correct meta title, meta description and permalink based on the article title. It is a good idea to edit the snippet and customize the metadata for a more creative and descriptive view in the Google search results page. The article will be automatically converted to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and submitted to Google search for instant indexing. News Articles created on Quick Stare are also submitted to Google News within a custom sitemap. Quick Stare articles also contain the correct news article structured data which you can test using the Rich Results Tool.

    Test News Articles Structured Data with the Google Rich Results Tool

    Steps to create a Google News Article

    1. Visit Create>+ Articles in the menu.
    2. Enter a well written and descriptive title using no more than 60 characters.
    3. Add well written article paragraphs that can be enhanced with headings and relevant images/videos.
    4. Add a featured thumbnail image.
    5. Add Articles as a primary category.
    6. Customize the meta title, meta description and permalink.
    7. Preview and then select the publish button to post the article live on Quick Stare and submission to Google News.


    Google News can open the doors to a wider audience and can drive lots of traffic to your articles. The news in general covers a vast range of topics and this is especially the case on the internet. Google news is published to many locations on the web and this is a great opportunity to reach an organic target audience based on a vast array of topics. The key to success is writing a well written article that is relevant to a target audience or recent and current events. 
    Source: How to create Google News Articles on Quick Stare 

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