Eliminating JS – CSS – SEO Tutorial

What is eliminating render blocking JS – CSS above the fold?

This simply means that a webpage will render (load) a lot faster without waiting for the browser to call on the JS and CSS files while rendering the top of a page. Top search engines including Google want to see the top visible part of a web page (above the fold) display the content without waiting for the render blocking JS and CSS to load. To much JS and CSS above the fold can negatively affect page loading speed and search engine positions. It may also affect the user satisfaction and engagement as a user may leave a website if it takes to long to display the content.

How to eliminate JS – CSS above the fold?

The first and easiest way to get around this problem is in the design of a webpage lay-out. Many widgets, third party plugins and online advertising use javascript to display content. They should not be placed above the fold or they can negatively affect SEO and page loading times. By simply placing them in the footer or below the fold a website will improve loading speeds and website search placements. The second way we can rectify this problem is to defer or asynchronously load render blocking scripts. In this way we are using an attribute in the HTML to tell the browser to call on the JS and CSS resources after the above the fold has loaded. The third way to solve this problem is by inlining the critical CSS. This works by taking the most important CSS elements that are needed to display above the fold and placing them directly into the HTML. Deferring the remaining CSS to load after the top visible section has rendered certainly speeds up page loading times and makes for a happier website user.

SEO impact of eliminating JS – CSS above the fold

The top search engines are always on the lookout for new ways to test the quality and the performance of websites and to improve the internet as a whole. Google wants to show the most relative and best quality sites at the top of the search results. So they use over 200 ranking signals to help decide where a website should be placed within their search index. Eliminating JS – CSS above the fold can improve SEO scores, page loading speed and also improve the users experience of a website. We want to create a website that is better than the competition and eliminating render blocking Javascript and CSS above the fold can really help to achieve this.