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What is content update frequency?

Content update frequency is simply how often a webpage is edited, modified or added to. Search engines and website users like to see that a webpage is being maintained and updated. If a website is targeted at a competitive online industry it may need to be updated regularly to keep its position at the top of the search results. There are also many other great search engine and user benefits to keeping webpages updated frequently.

How to update content frequently to improve search placement

This can simply be achieved by reviewing a webpage and making changes within it to improve the user experience. Improving grammar and spelling is an easy way to modify existing content. Check out other websites within the same industry for ideas and additions to make that will improve a site and keep the update frequency fresh. Adding new or optimising existing images is another great method that can also improve website loading speeds and find-ability within the top search indexes. Using Google search console to review HTML improvement suggestions is another great way to find pages that could be edited and modified. There are lots of methods explained in this website that can be used to update webpages and keep the user engagement active.

The professional SEO way to approach update frequency can be to use Google Adwords keyword planner tool to find relevant and popular keyword queries. The search queries or phrases can be implemented within the current content wording or used in new paragraphs to make webpage additions. This can really improve the find-ability as it opens it up to a wider range of search queries that are related to the topic of a webpage.

WEB SWIFT SEO best practice

Keeping a webpage fresh with new and unique content will positively impact search positions within the top search engines and it will also help to keep users engaged with the site. It really depends on how competitive an industry is online. An example could be for local SEO, updating at-least ever three or four months. National SEO might need to be updated at-least every week or month. International SEO may needed to be updated every day or week. It comes down to how many competing websites are ranking for a particular search query and how much effort they put into their SEO.

Update frequency summary

To keep a website at the top of the search results it should revised and added to on a regular bases depending on how competitive an industry is online. Both website ranking and user experience are equally important when creating a website that will generate high traffic and be a successful online platform to showcase content. Update frequency is one of many methods explained on this website that will help a webpage to climb to the first page of Google and the other top search engines. It will also help to maintain its position within the top search indexes.