Anchor Text Tutorial – How to SEO Tips Tools and Techniques

What are anchor text links?

Anchor text is the words used to display the visible descriptive text of a hyperlink. Let’s say we create the hyperlink. Swift Website Design and Search Engine Optimization on Google+. The words “Swift Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation on Google+” are the anchor text of the hyperlink that will be displayed to a website user.

How do anchor text links affect SEO?

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can build a profile of all the anchor text used to link to and within a website. They use these words to give relevance to the subject matter and topic of the site. So in the example above search engines will see the words “Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation” in the anchor text and use that to associate the link with web design and SEO. Search engines may also cross reference the anchor text in links with the content on the designated pages. So it’s important that the words used in the anchor text are relevant to the subject of the webpage they are pointing to.
In the past web-masters and SEO’s unfortunately overused anchor text links as a way to manipulate the search results. Google and other top search engines have taken steps to prevent this kind of manipulation. Nowadays it’s a good idea to have a genuine profile of relevant and descriptive anchor text links pointing to and within a website.

Anchor text in internal links

Search engines also look at the anchor text in the internal link structure within a website. This is an important part of Architecture and again relative and descriptive words should always use when linking to internal pages within a site.


These days search engines use anchor text links to define the content subject of a webpage and to de-rank websites that abuse anchor text links. It’s all about finding relevant descriptive keywords and implementing them appropriately. Always remember not to over do it by constructing to many anchor text links with an aim to manipulate the search results.