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Welcome to the WEB SWIFT SEO learning center. Here you will find key industry tips, tools and techniques to create a professional website along with learning how to increase your reach and the amount of traffic using SEO, which drives up your online visibility and potential for traffic conversions and sales.

The key to online success lies in understanding the basic principals for improving your search engine find ability. Whether you are an individual or a large organisation, understanding SEO can be a powerful tool that will ultimately bring a high amount of quality traffic that is targeted to a specific local, regional, countrywide or international audience. Once successfully implemented, you can watch your presence begin to spread throughout the online community and grow exponentially!

Search Optimisation Tutorials.

search engine optimisation tutorials Search Engine Optimisation can be thought of as fine-tuning a website or infact any online presence to meet the search engine requirements for more exposure in the search results. For example, most people enter a keyword or sentence into a search bar and the search engine will show a list of websites that are associated with that keyword or phrase. Most websites that appear first have been fine-tuned using SEO, which allows us to create more visibility within the search engines and to ultimately bring in more targeted traffic. In this category we will discuss local to international techniques and strategies that can supercharge your website. Learn how to Search Optimise in 2016 here.

Content Marketing Techniques.

high quality content techniques Creating high quality content is an extremely critical element to successful SEO. It’s important to create customised content that gives the user exactly what they are searching for and that is search engine friendly at the same time. Creating search engine friendly content that provides useful information and added value for the website users is the ultimate key to a successful online marketing strategy. Learn more about Content Marketing methods here.

Website Speed and Performance Guide.

website speed and performance guide Website Speed and performance is becoming more and more important as the internet grows in popularity and technological advancement. A site that loads fast on various devices will make a big impact on improving site traffic and user engagement. Along with many other important speed metrics, in this category we will discuss the importance of eliminating JavaScript (JS) and CSS above the fold and how search engines like Google want to see the top visible part of a web page display the content without waiting for the render blocking JS and CSS to load. Learn more about improving Website Speed here.

Mobile Optimisation Tutorials.

mobile website optimisation With the influx and popularity of mobile phone usage worldwide, mobile optimisation is now more than every, extremely important to SEO. As the usage of mobile phones is on the increase, the number of internet searches being made from hand held and portable devices to find and browse sites on the internet is growing by the day. In this category we will look at how optimising a website for mobile phones and tablets is one of the most important SEO techniques that will ensure online success, now and into the future. We will also discuss how mobile page speed and usability impact the user experience along with search positions and other forms of mobile internet marketing. Find tutorials on Mobile Optimization here.

User Experience Design Tips.

UX web design tutorials Creating a high quality user experience should effectively start with the design, navigation and structure within a website. A site user should be able to easily find what they are looking for, quickly and efficiently using the menus and layout of information on a site. In this category we take a detailed look at techniques that can improve the users experience of your pages and show the search engines that it is high quality. Find the UX Design articles here.

First glance identity is super important, make sure the user can clearly see the topic of a page and the brand or organisation behind it. By using clear and optimised images along with well written content, with a smooth readability and understandability we can help to lower bounces rates and improve user engagements, both of which can contribute to positions in the search results. Search engines essentially need words to connect to search queries, so by carefully selecting a few relevant and popular Keywords and then implementing them into your pages is in essence at the heart of SEO.

Research carried out by WEB SWIFT SEO shows that around 70 – 90% of people use Google to find information and products on the Internet, however, 90% do not go past the first page! So how does a website reach the first page of Google? There are over 200 ranking factors that the top search engines use to crawl, index and rank websites. When a website gets a green tick for a ranking signal it can boost the SEO standing and move it up in the search results. Google, Bing and Yahoo ultimately want to show the top results that provide a high quality user satisfaction along with the best website usability, giving the user exactly what they are searching for, as relevantly and efficiently as possible. Web Swift SEO tips tools and techniques

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