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Welcome to WEB SWIFT SEO Tutorials for professional website creation and advanced search engine optimisations. Understanding web design and SEO techniques to improve the user experience and SEO scores is a powerful tool that will ultimately give a website high page ranks and higher amounts of online traffic. This is the real key to success for any online business wishing to improve traffic and reach out to a local, country or international target market audience. This is our goal at WEB SWIFT SEO and we hope you find some valuable information on this website. So how do you build a website that ticks all the boxes for Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking factors and provide a high quality user experience? Here are five categories that cover some of the finer details of advanced web development and search engine optimising.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips and Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation can be thought of as fine tuning a website and online presence to meet the search engine requirements for higher page rankings. In this category we will discuss more SEO techniques that search engines use to rank websites and decide where they should be placed in the search results. Learn how to apply anchor text to hyperlinks. Understanding ‘Link Authority’ and how high quality links pass on page rank when pointing to a website. Preventing duplicate content with the canonical link element. Using image ALT tags and Google Analytics – Search Console. The SEO impact of privacy policy and terms of service. Along with understanding how domains affect search engine optimisation and web rankings. Learn how to Search Engine Optimise here.

UX Design Tutorials

To create a high quality user experience it all starts with the website design, navigation and structure. A website user should be able find what there looking for fast and efficiently using the navigation, layout and performance of a website. In this category we learn how to create a consistent website architecture and hierarchy with a user friendly structure that will boost the user experience and the site usability. We will also look at using website categories to ensure the site navigation functions efficiently, which can also really make a big impact on improving the users satisfaction. Learn how HTML errors and Broken links can affect the site usability and impact website rankings. Understanding the importance of user and search engine site maps that can really make a big difference to improve user experience and search index performance. These design factors are all contributors to user satisfaction, search engine-visibility and ultimate success. Learn more about UX Design SEO impacts here.

Website Speed and Performance Tutorials

Webpage loading speed and performance is becoming more and more important as the internet grows in popularity and technological advancement. A site that loads fast on various devices will make a big impact on improving site traffic and user engagement. Understanding site speed and content delivery will ensure that a website meets the current SEO requirements for outstanding online success. In this category we will discuss the importance of Eliminating JS and CSS above-the-fold and how search engines like Google want to see the top visible part of a web page (above-the-fold) display the content without waiting for the render blocking JS and CSS to load. SEO techniques such as inlining critical CSS can give a website a winning edge over a competitors site and help to make web-pages load extremely fast. Optimising images can also enhance the user experience and it plays an important role for improving find-ability within the top search indexes. Learn how Reducing HTTP Requests which essentially means to lower the amount of images and scripts on a webpage, can significantly speed up page loading times and improve SEO rankings. Understanding how Reducing the Server Response Time, which simply means to lower the time it takes for a server to respond to a request by a user browser, will also help to achieve a higher website ranking. Learn how Expires Cache is a current SEO technique that will improve webpage loading speed, keep the users happy and help to gain a higher page-rank. Along with Minifying website codes and Website Compression which can significantly reduce the size of data transferred from web host to user browser. Learn more about how to Improve Website Speed here.

Creating High Quality User Friendly Content

Creating high quality content is a really big part of SEO. It’s important to present content that gives the user exactly what they are searching for and be search engine friendly at the same time. Creating search engine friendly content that provides useful information and added value for website users is the ultimate key to a successful online marketing strategy. In this category we will learn how creating user friendly content improves online traffic performances. The importance of content update frequency and content length. Understanding duplicate content and how to fix and avoid it. Learn professional Multimedia and keyword SEO techniques. Learn how to implement well written factual and grammatically correct content. Create great content and your half way there. Continue reading more about Successful Content Marketing Techniques here.

Mobile Website Optimisation Tutorials

Mobile Website Optimisation is becoming more and more important to SEO. Mobile is big now with an ever increasing number of internet searchers using mobile phones and tablets to find and browse websites on the internet. In this category we look at how optimising a website for mobile phones and tablets is probably the most important SEO technique that will ensure online success into the future. Along with understanding mobile page speed and usability impacts on search engine ranking and other forms of internet marketing. Find more information about Mobile Website Optimisations here.

WEB SWIFT SEO research shows that around 70 – 90% of people use Google to find products and information on the internet. It also shows that around 90% don’t go past the first page. So how does a website reach the first page of Google? There are over 200 ranking factors that the top search engines can use to rank websites accordingly. When a website gets a green tick for a ranking factors it can boost the SEO score and move it up in the search results. Overall Google, Bing and Yahoo want to show the top results that provide the best website usability and a high quality user experience. Giving the user exactly what they are searching as efficiently as possible. SEO can seem quite complicated as there are many factors that search engines test within a website to read and understand the content relevance and site performance. WEB SWIFT SEO tutorial Website is here to cover some of the most important web design and advanced search optimising techniques that can ultimately make your business successful online. Keeping in mind that we will be discussing techniques that do not attempt to short cut the search engine ranking system. After years of web masters and search engine optimisers looking for short cuts to higher rankings, Google and other top search engines have taken great steps ensure the search results are not being manipulated in an unfair manor. If you decide to use tricks that attempt to short cut the system, you are more likely to get penalised and lower your SEO score. Higher website rankings can be achieved by following SEO best practices and staying away from SEO tricks that violate webmaster guidelines. It’s important to note that if a website is new, it may not be on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo unless it’s content is extremely unique. It can sometimes take time to earn a higher site ranking, especially within highly competitive online industries. Good website traffic can be achieved by understanding the basics of SEO and taking the right steps to make sure a website and it’s pages are search engine optimised and user experience friendly.

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